The name I’ve bestowed upon my blog, savior vivre, is a concept which represents my everyday attitude not only towards my personal life, but also towards my work.

Savior Vivre…. this phrase can be loosely translated as the knowledge of life. The French word, savoir, means “know” and vivre means “life.”

While the definition of “savoir vivre” is rather simple, its meaning is much more romantic and thoughtful. It does not simply mean one knows how to live. Rather, it means one knows how to live well, get the most joy out of life, and live life to the fullest.

I love this theory so very much because it is something that has to be attained; it does not come without effort. I have grown to practice this joy of life through learning about myself and my environment, and I have found a place where I am comfortable and happy in who I am and what I create.

When I decided to embark on this blog journey, I felt that the most powerful place to begin would be where I come from and where I learned how to live life to the fullest and to find joy in the things that surrounded me. This place is Rio. Rio is embedded in my soul and shapes the visions I have on a daily basis. Without that foundation, I know that my aesthetic would be completely different.

Our living spaces affect us deeply-- the colors, shapes,textures,lighting, and materials reveal the sacred landscapes of our souls ... our truths! What I do, how I feel, what I see, and what I create comes from a place deep within that has been cultivated over time through my experiences.

From a birds eye view, my hometown is a series of patterns and shapes. Its individual pieces play off one another to become a whole entity, which is the pattern that for so long surrounded my life. The Burle Marx sidewalks along the beach in Rio are laid out in famous patterns that are etched in my mind.

The combination of gray, blue and white will always be inspiring to me. The juxtaposition of all of these elements has helped me understand balance and composition.

Rio, with its abundant natural beauty and implemented style has shaped who I am today and what I love to do most. Interior Design.